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Posted by on August 21, 2012

Alex Erolin ~ Business Program Chair

Alex Erolin, Business Program Chair at the Brooklyn Center Campus, is extremely excited about three notable activities taking place in his classes this quarter.

“I have included presentations in all my classes as part of continuing students’ career-related skills development. The courses are centered on developing critical thinking skills and creating the ability to dissect ambiguous issues.

In BS180 Supervisory Management, students not only get to conduct job analyses incorporating the course concepts, but each student will also have an opportunity to develop and deliver a 5-minute presentation on his/her analysis.

In BS280 Business Law, students are working in groups separately with two business owners to investigate/explore into legislative/regulatory challenges facing small business owners. In their consulting role, students will analyze and evaluate related legislation and regulations as they apply to the challenges of the business owners. They will then devise and execute an advocacy strategy/plan. They will present their work to the business owners and their cohort members in the end.

In BS430 Business Ethics, students are working in groups to conduct teach back. Each group is responsible for mastering the concepts of assigned sections of business ethics, researching a current business-related ethical issue, applying the concepts to the ethical issue, presenting their analyses to the class, and facilitating a class discussion. One group has already presented on the individual factors that influence the ethical decision making process. Chris Degidio, Durrell Motley, Raymond Bartuah, and Nicole Menon presented the different underlying moral philosophies and how these perspectives start for our patterns of ethical decision-making framework.”

For more information on the Business Program at Brooklyn Center, please contact Alex Erolin at 763-566-7777.

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