Serving Ice Cream to Save Lakeville’s Heritage

Posted by on August 17, 2012

The Dakota County Fair just ended last Sunday. Fairs bring a community together to celebrate many things. There are fun things like the demolition derby and the midway rides and games. There are also many different prizes handed out for various competitions whether it is growing the perfect produce, painting an amazing piece of art, or raising prized animals.

One of the greatest celebrations at the Dakota County Fair is a look into the past at how the county started. There is an area of the fair called Dakota City Heritage Village where this celebration occurs. There are many buildings that are either original or recreated from the beginning of the surrounding area.

One of these buildings is a pharmacy that has been made into an ice cream shop. The proceeds from this shop is utilized to keep this small village up and running. This little ice cream shop was very lively during the four hours we were there.

Members of the staff from Minnesota School of Business Lakeville along with Veterinary
student Wendy Kamen worked a Friday afternoon shift inside the ice cream shop. This was a great opportunity to help out the local community and meet some great people.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.