Preferred Methods of Communication Results

Posted by on August 13, 2012

I recieved many views on the original article, Preferred Method of Communication asking about the preferred methods of communication that people utilize. I had a link to a survey within the blog. This survey discussed the various methods of communication that people utilize throughout their lives. Here are the results:

People preferred to communicate mainly through 2 methods: face to face and text messaging. The face to face was chosen because it was more personal. Text messaging because it was quick and easy.

Over 50% of participants saud that they would accept text messages from outside parties. Many of the participants said that they receive over 100 texts per week. Some even stated that they receive 300 and even 1,000+. At 1,000 texts per day, that is nearly 6 texts per hour, 24 hours each day. Better put your phone on vibrate to get some sleep.

93% stated that they utilize social networking sites. 100% use Facebook for their social networking needs. LinkedIn and Twitter were the other commonly used social media sites.

50-100 emails per week were reported. Many of these were related to work. There was also a few reports of 1,000 emails per week. Better keep that inbox organized to not hit the limit.

Finally, many of the participants reported that they spent 1-2 hours on the phone per day.

Some of the results were expected, while some were shocking. I assumed people would use the phone more than they do. I also did not expect 100% of participants to have a Facebook account. I guess the only way to find this survey was through a blog, so maybe that should be expected.

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