Career Services August Graduate Spotlight

Posted by on August 13, 2012

Submitted by Maria Janotta, Associate Director of Career Services

The Career Services Department and Minnesota School of Business in St. Cloud is pleased to award Danielle Westberg with the Graduate of the Month award for August 2012.

Danielle Westberg Gives a Yoga Lesson at MSB Health and Wellness Fair

Initially, Danielle Westberg was attending a different college but was unable to get the classes she needed for the next semester.  So, she went in search of another option and that is when she happened upon Minnesota School of Business and the Health Fitness Specialist program. She learned more about the program, and it was very appealing to her, so she decided to enroll.

Westberg is currently a Personal Trainer and the Client Services Manager at Rejuv Medical.  While she was in school at MSB, she did an applied learning project with Rejuv Medical and that gave her an opportunity to learn more about the company.  Scott Eide, the HFS Program Chair, told Westberg about an internship position that was available at Rejuv Medical, and he thought she would be perfect for it.  Westberg checked it out and ended up getting the internship.  She soon moved into an Assistant Office Manager position, and from there into being a Personal Trainer and Client Services Manager position that was created for her.

Westberg’s future plans include going back to school at SCSU for her Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics.  She really enjoys the testing and science side of health and fitness and would love to learn more about that.  In the long run, Westberg would like to own her own facility or move further up the ladder at Rejuv Medical.

Westberg has great advice for students.  She says that no matter what challenges you are faced with, take them head on.  “It is so much better to say you at least tried to do something, failed, and learned from that failure than to say you didn’t even try to do it.”  She also recommends taking advantage of the opportunities while in school because they will help you get future jobs and help you decide exactly what you want to do in the field.

Congratulations, Danielle Westberg! We look forward to followning your bright future!


Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.