Will the iPad Stay on Top?

Posted by on August 9, 2012

In many business classrooms, the talk of innovation takes the stage. It can come as early as in an introductory course in the Associates in Applied Science in Business Administration  program. There are many business concepts that are learned throughout the program. Innovation is mentioned in nearly all of the business programs.

Many consumers want the newest version of a product. This is because there is something that is different from the last version. Consumers are also attracted to a product because there is no other product like it on the market.

An example of a company that responds to the market in such a way is Apple. They not only make their current products better, they are always coming out with fresh ideas. In the past decade, they came out with the iPod. This revolutionized the music and MP3 industry into what it is today.

They came out with the iPhone later on and the iPad most recently. All of these innovations have made other companies attempt to create similar competitive products. This is why innovation is so important. In the article Can Any Device Take on the iPad?, Dave Michels discusses that other companies such as HP, RIM, and Samsung are trying to make products that are competitive with the iPad.

The iPad is currently on top in the tablet market, while other companies are struggling to make comparative products. It is hard to imagine that other companies will catch up to Apple in terms of innovation. Will another company make a product that will top the iPad or is Apple going to stay on top? Will Apple continue to come up with more innovations to keep the market trying to catch up or will those be laid to rest without Steve Jobs?

The innovation that Apple has shown the technology industry has been discussed in many of the business courses in the Bachelors of Science in Business Administration  program. These courses include Entrepreneurship and Business Strategies Capstone. If you are interested in becoming part of the innovative business world, please contact the admissions department at Minnesota School of Business today by calling 1-877-655-7676.

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