Blaine I.T. Students Surprised With Android Mobile Apps Bonus

Posted by on August 9, 2012

Students in Paul Pederson’s SD254 class at Minnesota School of Business, Blaine campus were expecting his usual high level of enthusiasm, as well as instruction, in their Programming II class for spring 2012 quarter. Paul’s students are known to finish his classes with significantly higher skills and expertise than expected.

The Programming II class covers C++ programming (a popular, versatile programming language), along with object-oriented programming concepts and recursive data structures.

Imagine their surprise when Paul gave them a choice for supplementary material at the
end of the course! He offered them several options, and the class overwhelmingly chose Android mobile application development.

This worked out nicely, since Paul and Program Chair, John Daley, had been working on
advance course development for SD114 (Introduction to Software Development), which will teach the Java programming language and Android mobile application development throughout the Globe Education Network, starting in Fall 2012. John attended a technology conference in San Antonio recently, where he met the author of a hot new Android/Java text, so he had some ideas about equipping MSB’s I.T. students with Java and Android development. He discussed his thoughts and plans with Paul, who eagerly picked them up and ran with them.

So, Spring Programming II students found themselves working in the Eclipse software development environment, with an Android emulator (software that simulates an Android device). Before the quarter was over, they not only learned C++ and all the expected material – well – they also designed not one, not two, but NINE Android mobile apps using the Java programming language!

Mobile apps developed by Paul’s students ranged from simple “Picture and Blurb” apps
to an “Animated Circles” app that moved random circles around the screen, bouncing off the edges of the display.

Paul said he wished he had twice the time to spend with his students, since they embraced the concept of mobile app development so enthusiastically. He believes that his students are capable of professional-level Java development for Android platforms.

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