MSB Staff and Students Get Busy Volunteering at Biztown

Posted by on August 6, 2012

Volunteers from MSB Blaine included Austin Borowicz, Becky Borowicz, Paul Huber, Jessica Ackerman, Bill Schumacher, and Meghan Hathaway

Sixth graders became “adults for a day” at Junior Achievement with the help of Minnesota School of Business student and staff volunteers at Biztown on July 31. The students learned what it takes to go to work, run a business, manage a checking account, and work as a team.

Volunteers and teachers broke off into 14 different businesses, which included the bank, radio station, cafe, newspaper, construction company, post office, etc. The sixth graders each had a job to fulfill in the business – a CEO, CFO, Sales Manager, File Clerk, Bank Teller, etc. Volunteers guided the students through their job for the day, and helped them make important business and personal finance decisions.

By the end of the day, the goal for each business was to pay back the loan from the bank, hopefully turn a profit, and for each student (and volunteer) to have fun!

“Volunteering with Junior Achievement Biztown was a lot of fun,” said Meghan Hathaway, Communications and Community Relations Specialist. “The kids were so engaged in their jobs, and excited to learn. I’d definitely recommend others volunteering if there are other opportunities!”

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