Criminal Justice Students Educate Campus on Prison Security Levels

Posted by on August 3, 2012

Students created a bulletin board that highlights the 5 different levels of prison security in MN.

Students from the Corrections class from Minnesota School of Business, Blaine campus, are creating a bulletin board with exciting information that will highlight the different levels of security in prisons. Students will be adding new facts and figures throughout the quarter to the board, which is displayed on the second floor of the campus, next to Room 201.

According to Laura Talvitie, Criminal Justice  Program Chair, each student is focusing on a different security level or aspect of inmate classification. Through this project, it’s expected that students will learn about the inmate classification system and the vast differences in prison security levels. Laura adds that they hope that the campus community learns about the different types of prisons that are in the penal system, as well as how the classification system works (meaning how decisions are made about where inmates serve their time).

This project relates to the bigger criminal justice system in many ways.  Criminal justice professionals work with offenders from the time of arrest, throughout the time of incarceration, and for up to a lifetime on parole.  “Our students need to understand what type of prisons offenders serve time in and the differences in potential places of employment,” said Laura.

“Understanding what kind of prisons are out there for offenders in the community is not only a fun thing to learn about but one that I believe all should be educated on,” said Nick Anderson, a student in the class.

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