Health Care Management- A Career in a Fast-Paced World

Posted by on August 2, 2012

When people think of health care careers their minds immediately go to doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and maybe an administrative assistant.  What they don’t think about
are careers in the health care industry that are behind the scenes—maybe in marketing, finance, or operations.

Although there always seems to be a demand for the front-end health care careers, due to the world of health care as we know it changing, there is an increasing demand for careers serving the health care industry behind the scenes.

Michael Zdychnec, Health Care Management Program Chair

With rapid changes in how the health care industry operates, insurance companies, hospitals, public health organizations, doctors, and consumers are all trying to keep afloat of the changes and are in-need of innovative and creative professionals to take the reins.

So if you are ready for an exciting shift in careers, entering the management side of health care may be your ticket!

Career opportunities in health care management are endless.  You could work in marketing, finance, accounting, administration, compliance, or information technology—just to name a few!

Feel like you don’t have the education needed to enter the health care management field?  Don’t worry!  Minnesota School of Business in Elk River, MN has you covered.

The Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management program at Minnesota School of Business is designed to provide students with the tools and knowledge to succeed in the “business side” of health care.  The program combines a comprehensive understanding of how the health care industry works, with the business skills required to manage a career in the health care industry of the future.

The health care industry is going to continue to change and Minnesota School of Business’s health care management program will change with it and keep you educated on the changes taking place.

If you are thinking about an education in the health care management program, please give me a call—I would be happy to talk about all of the exciting opportunities that exist!

Michael Zdychnec, Health Care Management Program Chair, 763-367-7030 or

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.