Medical Assisting Program Chair Performs Diabetes Screenings

Posted by on July 30, 2012

Pam Renkel, Medical Assisting Program Chair at MSB Shakopee, attended Chaska River Days on July 28th.  She volunteered her time and performed diabetes screenings on 38 individuals.  According to Pam, “Normal glucose levels should be under 100 mg/dL if fasting and under 140 mg/dL if it has been 2 hours since eating.”  She said there was only one case of diabetes detected, and this individual’s glucose level was 348 mg/dL.  Pam  inquired if they had health insurance, which they did.  She then advised them to call Monday for an appointment with their doctor and to not delay, as this was very serious.

If you would like information on our medical assisting program, please contact Gretchen Seifert, Director of Admissions at 952-516-7002.

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