Tackling a Trail Close to Campus

Posted by on July 27, 2012

Global Citizenship Students from the BC Campus

When students in the Wednesday morning section of Global Citizenship began to brainstorm the type of service-learning project they wanted to do during the Spring 2012 quarter, it was immediately agreed upon that the project should be outside.  Students had several ideas of possible projects, but in the end, it was a unanimous decision to do something for the Three Rivers Park District.  The seven students in the Brooklyn Center class were passionate about doing something for Three Rivers that would beautify a place close to the campus, so the class chose to go to the North Mississippi Regional Park to clean a trail.

Just starting out!

Many pieces of trash were off the trail.

Rescuing an abandoned raft!

The seven students spent 2.5 hours cleaning a trail that started at the park and headed north to the 694 bridge.  Many, many pieces of garbage were collected along the way: cigarette butts, plastic bottles, glass bottles, paper, plastic bags, fast food wrappers, and pop cans.  Some of the more unusual objects that students found were a pole, a wrench, a broken air conditioning unit, and a raft.  Over the course of the trail, students separated the recyclables from the garbage and made sure to get everything into the proper receptacles at the end.  Because the air conditioning unit was too large and heavy to take with, students made a call to park officials to pick it up; they even made sure to put a piece of the unit on the grass near the pavement so that it could be easily found.The students had a great time walking the trail.  What was most rewarding for the group was that the park is very near the Brooklyn Center Campus, and many of the students did not even know that it existed.  Several of the students took note of the other things that the park had to offer and planned on bringing their families there during the summer break.


A big thank you to the seven students who cleaned the trail!  You all did a great job!

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