Marketing Class Cares about CaringBridge

Posted by on July 19, 2012

CaringBridge Marketing class project presentationDuring the Spring 2012 quarter, the marketing class worked on a marketing plan for CaringBridge. The full story can be found here: All Hands In. This project was well received by CaringBridge and the students.

The students of the marketing had the following comments about the project:

Angela – “The last thing I am going to talk about is how effective and successful I think our project was. Personally, I think our marketing project was very successful for many reasons. One was because it was very creative. I think we made a new cutting edge way to market CareBridge. Another reason was because we did a very good job hitting our target markets. Also I feel it was effective just because how much each of us learned about how to make a marketing plan.”

Darren – “I feel this project was very rewarding. The “all hands in” approach was an outstanding idea and I think this concept really made it easy to convey the message to others. CaringBridge seemed pleased so I think our mission was successful and I am sure future classes will have the same success.”

Maryline – “We had the opportunity to speak to couple of representatives from CaringBridge.  Meeting with the representatives we got more insights into the organization and what they stand for, what they were about and the company’s future goals. We also had the chance to work together as a class and that is always a good practice.”

Infamous "Elephant hand" for CaringBridge marketing project. Nicholas – “My favorite part of my class was the group project. Without saying, the elephant hand was my favorite part.  It gave us a chance to be creative and bring others to be creative and have some fun while passing the information on without just throwing a bunch of information at them and expect them to be interested.”

Sara – “I thought our class was very creative, especially when it came to Nick and Angela coming up with the “elephant hand” idea.  I never would have come up with something as creative as that and it really worked out for us.  I think it helped our marketing plan a ton because we were able to get people involved by having them actually physically join in on our plan.  They are able to remember it longer and able to spread the word.”

Ryan – “One day we greeted students at the front door to introduce CaringBridge to them.  We gave students and staff the option of drawing elephants on their hand to help with our promotion of CaringBridge.  One class period we also went into the different classrooms at the Lakeville campus to explain CaringBridge.  Just by doing these few things we made a good amount of the Lakeville students aware of CaringBridge.”

Marketing class presenting their project to studentsMarketing is integrated into the Associates and Bachelors of Applied Science Business Programs. If you would like more information please call 1-877-655-7676 or 952-892-9000 and make an appointment today.

If the entire CaringBridge story made you interested in what they do, more information can be found at CaringBridge.

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