Bill First Tells GOP Governors State Insurance Exchanges Are The Solution

Posted by on July 19, 2012

Marily Werber Serafini writes in Kaiser Health News, “A former GOP power player is urging Republicans to rethink their rejection of the health law and to implement state insurance exchanges – and to do it now.

Bill Frist, who isn’t a fan of the law’s insurance mandate, believes state-based exchanges are a good idea.

“State exchanges are the solution,” he wrote. “They represent the federalist ideal of states as ‘laboratories for democracy.’ We are seeing 50 states each designing a model that is right for them, empowered to take into account their individual cultures, politics, economies, and demographics. While much planning (by health care managers) has yet to be done, we are already seeing a huge range in state models. I love the diversity and the innovation.”



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