Biology Class tours Cascade Meadow Wetland Environmental Science Center

Posted by on July 18, 2012

Biology Class tours Cascade Meadow Wetland Environmental Science Center

Rochester, MN – June 14, 2012 – Instructor Merlene Stiles biology class from Minnesota
School of Business-Rochester, toured Cascade Meadow Wetlands and Environmental
Science Center, with Stefan Theimer, Education Program Coordinator, as their

Theimer explained the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) of the building, from the geothermal heating to the flood of natural light coming in through the skylights. Alternative energy from solar panels and wind turbines provide power for the facility.  Even the restrooms used motion sensor lighting, low flow faucets, and dual flush toilets.  This design concept is not limited to just the building structure but also the grounds surrounding the building. On the outside, water conservation is promoted by the parking lot rain gardens to the building roof that dips in the middle.

Students can investigate the countless displays in the exhibit hall which explores wetlands and water, and prompts students to experiment with energy usage. These exhibits enhanced students’ knowledge of the environment and the effects that humans can have if designing structures that are environmentally friendly.

Next year, the Center will have seven of the eight types of wetlands native to Minnesota displayed behind the building.  Cascade Meadow is the perfect location to
study “How Humans Influence the Living World,” which happens to be the
last chapter of study in the Biology class.

Biology Instructor Merlene Stiles said, “This place has all of the good news, and the good ways that humans can influence the living world”.

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