Tiered Tuition Effective July 2012

Posted by on July 16, 2012

Chris Cook, “Don’t forget about the new TIERED TUITION!  Effective July 2012, tuition is actually going DOWN for most students!!  If you are enrolled in 11 or more credits, tuition will be billed at $425 per credit.  Since most of our students already take 11 or more credits, this is great news!!!

There are lots of benefits to taking 11 or more credits.  Studies show that students who take higher credit loads have higher completion rates and graduate sooner.  The average savings for an Associates degree is more than $3,000 over the duration of the program.  And a Bachelors program, more than $6000 in savings!

For those students taking 10 or fewer credits, the tuition rate will be $460 per credit.  Please be aware of this change effective immediately!  If you happen to be taking LESS than 11 credits for Early Fall and would like to add a class or adjust your schedule so that you will be charged the lower rate, it’s not too late!  Please note that schedule changes can still be done until Friday, July 20th at 4pm.  Please see a member of the Education staff to make a schedule change.  And if you have any questions about this new TIERED TUITION program, feel free to contact a member of the financial aid staff.

Have a great day!”


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