Career Services July 2012 Graduate of the Month Nate Welliver

Posted by on July 16, 2012

July Graduate of the Month, Nate Welliver

by Maria Janotta, Associate Director of Career Services

Nate Welliver chose to attend Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud because of the convenience and ability to work around his schedule. He chose the Massage Therapy program because it was a great precursor for physical therapy when accompanied with his personal training background.

Welliver currently works as a Massage Department Head/Lead Massage Therapist at Lifetime Fitness in Eagan.  He says he had to be
really patient for a management position to open up within the Lifetime Fitness Corporation.  He subscribed to their casting center to receive constant updates and emails about positions opening up.  Once he found what he wanted, he pursued it with 110% of his attention. It was a lengthy process interviewing, but he feels that with his preparation from Career Services, he did everything perfectly.

Although Welliver felt that his education and previous management experience helped prepare him for a management position, he was surprised that he was able to obtain such a position within five months of graduating.

Welliver says he loves working for Lifetime Fitness because they treat their employees well and it seems to be a good fit.  Eventually,
he would like to work in the corporate sector of Lifetime Fitness as a
trainer in the lifespas, life clinics, and massage departments for the
management and practitioners.  He says traveling around the country opening new clubs would be a lot of fun!  His ideal goal is to open his own fitness complex consisting of three parts: fitness, massage, and nutrition.

He has a bit of advice for incoming students:

“Take my word for it: soak everything in, study and take the
coursework seriously by giving it your all every single day, on every single assignment.”

did utilize the Career Services department in his job search process.  He said he was constantly seeking advice and
opinions on developing situations and concerns while job hunting.  There were a few opportunities that Nate had
to pass up because they weren’t the correct fit.  He said that Career Services helped keep him
patient with his job search until he found what he was looking for in a career.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.