Middle School Students Visit MSB to Learn About Veterinary Technology

Posted by on July 13, 2012

Students learn how veterinary technicians perform physical exams with live animals!

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in collaboration with Community Education, welcomed 16 sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students to Minnesota School of Business in Blaine on July 11 for a Veterinary Technology workshop. Faculty from the campus taught the students about veterinary technicians’ roles in assisting veterinarians and caring for animals.

Students learned about and viewed various samples and specimens under microscopes - a daily job for a veterinary technician!

The middle school students divided into three groups to visit four stations. Station one’s topic was Microscopic Organisms with Angie Buettner, veterinary technology instructor. The students learned about various endoparasites, including intestinal parasites, and ectoparasites such as fleas and ticks. They also looked at blood films of different species including deer, cockatiel, dog, cat, lemur, chimpanzee and more. Buettner showed some of the students preserved parasites, which they thought was pretty neat.

Station Two was about Physical Exam’s, led by Ann Edmonds, Resident Veterinarian. The students learned about how veterinarian’s and veterinary technician’s perform physical exams. They looked at models of various parts of dogs and cats. Then they used their senses to do a physical exam on a live dog. “We assigned the dog  a body condition score, assessed teeth, looked at ears, felt pulses, and checked for gender,” said Ann Edmonds, Resident Veterinarian. “Then we used a stethoscope to listen to heart rates.”

Students learned about a veterinary technicians' role in taking x-rays!

Station Three covered Radiology, and was led by Sarah Lemm, veterinary technology instructor. The students learned about how veterinary technicians play an important role in taking x-rays and providing veterinarian’s with very important diagnostic tools.

Station Four’s topic was Anatomy Grossology, led by Bonni Robilliard, veterinary technology instructor. Students learned about anatomy with cat cadavers and sheep organs.

Students learned about anatomy

After visiting all four stations, the students re-grouped in the Student Commons area to enjoy snacks and ask questions about what they learned.


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