A Warrior, Runners, and Mr. Craig’s Wild Ride!

Posted by on July 13, 2012

We’re 6 weeks in, and it’s a good time to check in on how the team is doing. Last week I (Craig) confessed to how I had a couple of tough weeks. I’m happy to report that this week has been much better – rode my bike to school nearly every day (more on that later), ate well, and felt recovered from jet lag. Here’s a picture of the long hill I get to fly down on the way to school, but have climb on the way home. This is taken about halfway up. It’s not that steep, but it’s loooong!

Elaine went off and became a warrior last week!  The Warrior Dash was hosted at the Afton Alps in Hastings. The dash consisted of a 5K with 12 obstacles which included;
jumping over fire, climbing in trenches covered with barbed wire, and crawling through muddy swaps. The most challenging part of the race was the steep hills. Although these steep hills were a challenge, she finished the race strong with 3 other dashers.

Elaine’s been doing yoga regularly and is really enjoying meeting her friends there, as well the relaxation she gets. Susan’s off and running! She can now, in her words, “run/jog/slog for 3 miles without stopping.” Her goal is to run 5 miles this Sunday and run 3 miles twice a week. Way to go Susan!! You’ll have a lot more time to run now that Wimbledon is over. Susan is not only a Brit, She was Apple Valley High School’s Girls Tennis Coach for many years.

Here is Ann’s story.  I have been in a rest and recovery mode for the past two weeks. My exciting news is that I committed to run the Torchlight 5K next week! I signed up before realizing it was Wednesday night rather than Friday night, so am going to have to play it by ear on whether I can leave in time to run it during start week.  If I do run it, I will run a 5K in downtown Minneapolis Wednesday evening, have a nice cold beer at the end of the race, pick up my free t-shirt and have started back on my road to the next half marathon scheduled for September 1!

Kira has been doing a lot more activities she loves. Whether it’s grilling with her sister to going to a museum with her dad, she’s been getting out and going places. Kira has set up a walking club at school too. Anyone can join in every day at noon. Thanks Kira and keep on getting up and out!

Tom has been out fishing every week since graduating. Without having to study, it has freed up time that he is spending with his family. He has been studying how to eat right and work out effectively. His goal is to lose weight and get in shape.

Here’s a video of my ride to school and back home.

During the video my video camera apparently called random people! How did this happen! Is my camera possessed? Is it as Holly suggested – that I slipped behind the scenes into the Matrix?? What are your theories? Post your theories and I’ll let you know the solution to the mystery next week. Here’s a hint, one of the calls was made to our Campus Director, Ann Mickelson.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.