Minnesota School of Business Host Free Rabies Clinic

Posted by on June 27, 2012

Rochester, MN – June 13, 2012 – The Minnesota School of Business-Rochester was the host this year for the annual Rochester area rabies clinic.  Community veterinarians and public health department officials offer the clinic on a yearly basis in order to offer low-cost rabies vaccinations.

Rabies is a zoonotic disease caused by a virus that attacks the nervous system and is spread through the saliva of the infected animal.  It may enter the body through a
bite, scratch, open wound, or mucous membranes. By protecting our animals against this fatal disease it also protects owners and the public that come in contact with dogs and cats.

Minnesota School of Business-Rochester students worked in cooperation
with local area veterinarians Laura Toddie of Heritage Veterinarian Clinic and
Christine Vogel of Animal Health Care.
Students helped restrain their pets, and assist clients with paperwork
and their pets and explained reactions that could occur with the vaccine.

Veterinarian Technology Program Chair, Amy Doherty said, “The
rabies clinic was a fabulous experience for the students at MSB-Rochester. Students
worked on their soft skills by talking with pet owners about the possible
reactions that could occur from the vaccine, as well as general questions regarding
veterinary medicine. Students were also given the opportunity to administer
vaccines while the veterinarian oversaw the entire procedure. It was an event
that we hope to continue to help with, as it was a remarkable way for students
to network with local veterinarians and the Rochester public.



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