Students Assist in Growing a City

Posted by on June 20, 2012

There has been an applied learning project in motion for about one year. The project is to survey local businesses about their decision to locate to Lakeville, Minnesota. The project started with classes developing the questions that will be asked. It is now in the interviewing phase.

This quarter, the Business Communication students were calling Lakeville based businesses with a list of questions. The interviews lasted about 15 minutes and discussed many topics. The topics covered road construction, taxes, public safety, and city ordinances.

“This information is very valuable to the growth of the city,” stated Jack Matasosky, Chair of the Lakeville Economic Development Commission and CEO of Appro Development. “We don’t always hear about the reasons people stay and why they go. This is a great way for us to collect useful data about our area businesses.”

The students found a lot of value in this project. They learned how to talk to business owners and the importance of listening to what they have to say. They also got the experience of presenting this information to outside organizations. Most students will present to many classrooms throughout their program, but presenting to an outside party can be stressful.

This project will continue to grow into something much bigger. Todd Bornhauser, Executive Director of the Lakeville Area Chamber of Commerce, was very pleased with this project so far. He is going to work with the school in increase the number of businesses surveyed and increase the chamber of commerce’s assistance in this process. “I would like to see the number of businesses surveyed reach over 150. That will give us some really great data to use in the future,” stated Todd.

We are looking forward to help the City of Lakeville grow to new heights. It is great that our students get to be part of that growth.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.