Marketing Class Develops Plan For HeartSprings Community Healing Center

Posted by on June 20, 2012

Marketing 205 students present their marketing plan to HeartSprings board member Cindy Larson-Casselton.

A group of students in Marketing 205 spent the first eight weeks of the spring quarter learning concepts and strategies. But in the ninth week, instructor Rochelle Roesler informed them that they would have the opportunity to develop their own marketing plan for a REAL organization that’s in need of help. The students had a deadline of only three weeks to complete the applied learning project before presenting it the HeartSprings Board of Directors.

HeartSpring board member Cindy Larson-Casselton asks a question during the marketing presentation.

HeartSprings Community Healing Center is a relatively new nonprofit community healing center that focuses on health, hope, and healing for all. The organization does not only help with everyday stress but also specializes in dealing with chronic illnesses, disabilities and life transitions. HeartSprings utilizes a whole integrative approach that complements area physicians and other healthcare providers.

The 45-page document was presented by the students to Cindy Larson-Casselton at the Minnesota School of Business-Moorhead campus. The group spent almost 200 hours working on the project and delivered a 30-minute presentation on its plan.

Student Anna McArthur explains the current market for HeartSprings during the presentation.

The strategy featured a SWOT analysis, social media strategies, and other advertising options that could benefit HeartSprings.

“This plan is something our board of directors and organization really needed,” Larson-Casselton said. “We can use this to help HeartSprings grow and bring greater awareness to the organization.”

This is the first marketing plan the students have developed and presented in front of a group. They all enjoyed the experience and had an opportunity to apply many of the concepts learned throughout the quarter.

“This project was far more beneficial than learning from a book and I enjoyed it a lot,” student Steve Dinnel said. “It’s a great to work as a team and accomplish this.”

“To do something like this for a real organization means so much more,” student Jessica Nash added. “It was a really good learning experience.”

Larson-Casselton said many of the ideas presented by the students will be used by the Board of Directors and also mentioned that she hopes the organization continues to have a relationship with the campus in the future.

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