Health Care Management Students go to Augustana Regent

Posted by on June 15, 2012

A group of Health Care Management program students went to Augustana Regent on a field trip. These students get the real world experience from these field trips. They enjoy getting the field trips that Minnie Wagner, HCM Program Chair provides them with. hese are their comments on this field trip:

Brian- Whenever I go to a place like Augustana Regent, I compare the facility to the facility that my grandmother was in at a place called Friendship Haven in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Places like that really hit home for me, because it really is the only way I can personalize a field trip like that. My favorite part of that facility was the arts and crafts room, where the
residents can make things for the soldiers overseas. I think that is an excellent way for them to feel engaged, and feel like they are making a difference even at that stage of their lives. Overall the facility was top notch, and I would feel very comfortable if my loved ones were living out their final years in a facility like that, providing they could afford it.


Ashley- The visit to the Augustana facility was a great experience! It was nice to be able to see what assisted living facilities actually offer. It was also nice to be able to interact with the residents that were living there.


Barb- I thought our field trip to Augustana Regent was very interesting. It was great to see all of the activities and amenities that residents had available to them while they are
residents. The library, movie room, billiards room, craft room are all great areas that I’m sure the residents use frequently. It was also great to be able to attend one of their concerts. Augustana Regent seems like a facility that truly cares about their residents and backs it up with all of the activities they have available.

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