Dave Erickson’s Business Brief – Stage Presence For Networkers

Posted by on June 14, 2012

Dave Erickson, Business Program Chair at Minnesota School of Business, Blaine campus, attended a MetroNorth Chamber event that highlighted business
networking on June 6. The topic was: “How To Build Relationships Anywhere You Go.”

The owner of SagePresence, Pete Machalek, an award-winning filmmaker, instructed the attendees on how to effectively network with prospective customers and business associates.

Machalek pointed out that most of us recognize that we’re supposed to network. We hear it from so many experts. We just don’t do it, or we show up and burn time because we don’t know what to do or say. He explained that this creates much anxiety that can get in the way of any kind of productive conversation.  Machalek showed the group how through simple exercises of systematically yet informally thinking, feeling and talking to people in an assertive way, we can better connect and network for success.

Anyone seeking to network needs to first identify the barriers that get in the way of effective networking, such as fear, anxiety, not wanting to just sell, or chit-chat. Think about how you can ask for or provide help to someone, rather than only thinking about what you need. Use a structure of a beginning, middle and end stream of messages in mind.

“Having a goal in mind and a consistent plan for communicating with others is easier said than done,” says Dave, “but the networking tips outlined at this event by an expert on the subject provided a clear focus on the subject.”


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