Finding Monetary Support Through Student Events

Posted by on June 13, 2012

Any time an individual or group wants to start an organization, there is a likelihood that the organization will need start-up funds.  BC’s Closet, a non-profit organization in the works at the Brooklyn Center Campus, is no different.  In brainstorming ways to find these funds, suggestions were made to hold various fundraisers during student events.

The first event was on Thursday, February 2, during the Winter quarter Student Appreciation event.  For two and a half weeks, students had the opportunity to put money into jars of their choice at the front desk; eight jars represented various staff members.  The four staff members who raised the most money would participate in a “Pie in the Face” event.  $313.00 was raised in the jars putting Jessica Bauer, Director of Career Services; Andrew Kagol, Associate Director of Career Services; Michael Leonard, Faculty; and Rob Harder, Student Accounts, in the hot seats.  Since Bauer raised the most money in her jar, she would have an apple pie thrown in her face, which was auctioned off.  The auction and the opportunity to throw pies over and over raised another $194.00.  This incredibly successful event raised $507.00 for the organization.

Bauer after the apple pie was thrown

Kagol, Leonard, and Harder awaiting the next pies

The second event took place on Thursday, May 3, during the Spring quarter Student Appreciation event.  In keeping with the theme of the upcoming celebration of Cinco de Mayo, an Inferno Pepper Eating Challenge was held.  Jaime Tamez, Safety Coordinator; Josh Voight, Safety Coordinator; Kofi Montzka, Paralegal Program Chair; Josh Schmitt, Financial Aid Administrator; Kelly O’Brien, Director of Admissions; and Ryan Samuelson, Criminal Justice Program Chair, participated.  For $2, a student could buy a ticket and place it in the jar of the staff member who he/she believed would win the contest.  All entries in the winning staff members’s jar would have the opportunity to win gas cards.

Red Chile peppers were eaten in the first round, and Tamez didn’t last long.  Jalapenos were the next pepper, and slowly the contestants started to drop; Schmitt, Voight, and Montzka all left during the second round.  Habaneros were the final pepper, and Samuelson and O’Brien continued to go until Samuelson just couldn’t handle it any longer.  O’Brien won!  Not only was it an entertaining contest to watch, $84.00 was also raised.

Contestants gearing up for the first round

O'Brien and Samuelson going strong as staff cheers them on!

The third and most recent event took place on Thursday, June 7.  A Summer Celebration was held on campus with music, food, and games.  It was meant to celebrate the end of the quarter as well as congratulate the high school advantage students on their graduation.  In addition to bean bags and ladder golf, a dunk tank was set-up.  For $1, students and staff received three balls to sink Andrew Kagol, Associate Director of Career Services; Aldina Korman, Administrative Assistant; Jessica Bauer, Director of Career Services; or Michelle Barsness, Service-Learning Coordinator/Communications Specialist/Faculty.  The weather was perfect for sitting in the tank, and all who paid to dunk a staff member thoroughly enjoyed watching them fall.  The event brought in $57.00.

Jessica Bauer waiting for the next ball to hit the target!

Aldina Korman waiting to get dunked!

Thanks to all those who have made these three events so successful, especially the staff and faculty members who have participated.  BC’s Closet has been using the money for several necessities in order to open up at the beginning of Early Fall Quarter.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.