Paul Pederson Uses I.T. Rack Server to Demo I.T. Malfunctions

Posted by on June 12, 2012

Although the quarter is far from over, Paul Pederson, I.T. instructor at Minnesota School of Business, has already used the Blaine campus’s new I.T. rack server to the great benefit of his classes.

The rack server gives Blaine’s I.T. students the opportunity to get “hands on” experience in configuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting issues on production server equipment. The rack server is located in Lab 208.

Paul has demonstrated troubleshooting techniques on the server, including:


    • Demonstration of common problems on the system(s)
    • Students spend lab time solving these problems
    • Typical problems include:
      • software configuration issues
      • missing passwords
      • unconnected/misconnected devices
      • malfunctioning devices (Paul has a collection of
      • improper BIOS settings

The server is an HP server with two Intel Xeon quad cores (total of 8 processing cores), running Microsoft Server 2008 Release 2 and Hyper-V, with 20 GB of RAM. The rack also includes two 24-port Cisco routers and two 24-port Cisco switches.

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