Relay for Life: It’s Personal

Posted by on June 11, 2012

Deb Berglund and husband Paul at Welcome Ceremony

Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud continued its Relay for Life tradition this year with its MSBe Healthy for Life team of staff and students walking the entire 12-hour event and raising $1,000 for cancer research. MSB sponsored the Relay for an additional $500 for a total contribution of $1500.

The Greater St. Cloud Relay for Life raised in excess of $30,000 in the fight against cancer.

This year’s theme was “Celebrate More Birthdays” and participants set up “camp” around Apollo High School with team members walking throughout the night carrying a water balloon which represents the burden of cancer. Theme laps, music, games and prizes kept the action lively!

The survivor lap was particularly inspirational, with survivors invited to circle the track  together and help everyone celebrate the victories achieved over  cancer.

Deb Berglund, MSB Health Care Management Chair, cancer survivor and Relay for Life Team Development Chair, walked for the second year in a row and felt personally connected to the process.

“The main reason I Relay, and wanted to be more involved on the committee this year,” she said, “is because of my personal history as a cancer survivor.  Having survived 4 malignant melanomas, I know there is no good chemotherapy treatment for this form of cancer.  In addition, both my mom and dad died of cancer.”

“I also know that many cancers are on the rise, and awareness of how to prevent cancers can be vital to bringing back down the number of new cases,” she added.

Berglund says she is especially grateful for MSB’s involvement.  “As a
survivor, it makes me feel very supported.  It was also gratifying to see
our team pull together and come out to walk for the cause.  I couldn’t be more proud of MSB and the team for taking on this challenge.”

Team MSBe Healthy for Life included 12 staff members, 8 students and 18 family members committed to showing WE CARE!

Current Student and Survivor Christine Stein, her daughter and granddaughter, Current Student Sammie Kuhl

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