Do You Know What District You Live in?

Posted by on June 11, 2012

The recent redistricting of house and senate lines in Minnesota along with an early primary date makes the upcoming election a confusing one for many voters.

A large majority of the state has had it’s district lines re-drawn, which has left 15 House and 8 Senate seats without incumbents, several legislators pushed into new districts and a few districts with more than one representative. Needless to say, it has left many voters confused and unsure who represents them or who to vote for.

In addition, a quarter of those who served on the House or Senate in 2012 won’t occupy their same seats again in 2013 and 33 won’t return at all.  This creates a need for many new faces to enter the race and puts the pressure on voters to do their research.

To add to this debacle, the primary date has been moved a month ahead to August 14th–during a time when voters are traditionally still vacationing and fully immersed in a busy summer schedule when voting isn’t top on their priority list.

It’s not all bad news though – this interesting election year leaves a lot in voters’ hands.  Voters have the ability to urge community leaders to run for their district–hopefully they are thinking about people who would bridge the partisan divide.

Voters’ first step is to figure out what district they currently reside in – visit and enter in your home address and take note of the district numbers that populate.

Then, do a little research and figure out who is running for your district.  Get together a group of neighbors and invite the candidates out to talk about their views.  Arm yourself for voting and remember the primary is moved up to August 14th.

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