David’s Did You Know – On Stafford Loans

Posted by on June 8, 2012

Do you know your Stafford Loan amounts or who to contact if you have loan specific questions? Have you ever wondered how much Stafford loan debt you have or how to make a payment?

Financial Aid Advisor, David Stelten

You have access to see your Stafford Loan information at www.nslds.ed.gov .  You will need your PIN number to sign-in.  If you have forgotten your PIN you can go to www.pin.ed.gov and request a duplicate.

To log into the NSLDS website go to the web address above and click Financial Aid Review.  Follow the directions from that point to complete the login process.

If you logged in correctly the next screen will show you all of your Stafford loans and some information regarding the loan.  Beside each loan is a loan sequence number, click
that number and you will see more specific information about that loan like:

  • Scheduled date that repayment will start

This is based on your estimated
graduation date and WILL change as your graduation date changes based on the
number of classes you are taking.  That date will begin to zero-in as you
get closer to graduation.

  • The loan period begin and end date, this is the period of time the loan is to cover
  • The loan amount
  • Outstanding Principle Balance
  • Outstanding Interest Balance
  • The servicer for the loan and their contact information.  The Department of Education has 5 servicers for their loans, they are: ACS, Fedloan Servicing, Great Lakes, Nelnet, and Sallie Mae.

To view the next loan you can hit the back button or click the next button toward the top of the screen.  Your loan servicers in most cases will be the same.  It is the goal of the Department of Education to assign every one of your Stafford loans with the same loan servicer to make repayment easier but they do not promise that will be the case for every student.  I have seen this to be more of an issue for students who have been to more than one school or had a great deal of time between one loan to another.

I hope this information is useful for you in the future as you try to manage your loan debt and lender contact information.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.