Q & A With Student Of The Quarter Ceresa Young

Posted by on June 7, 2012

The Plymouth Student of the Quarter Committee poses with CeCe Young. From L-to-R: Jen Schuldt, Kim Lindeen, Carrie Super, Young, Andy Hoeveler, John Pulley

If you’ve spent an extended amount of time at the Minnesota School of Business-Plymouth, you’ve probably met Ceresa (CeCe) Young.

CeCe was named Spring 2012 Student of the Quarter after receiving nominations from fellow students, faculty and staff. She is the secretary for the Plymouth DECA chapter, an accounting tutor and has volunteered for campus events such as student orientation, Plymouth Community Education Day and the Minnesota Career College Association’s Hill Day. She is a forensic accounting major in the bachelor’s degree program, and expects to graduate in June of 2013.

For her efforts, CeCe earned up to $500 in free textbooks for the next quarter.

Q: Tell us about where you’re from

Ceresa: I’m originally from Cleveland, Ohio and I joined the military in 1999.

Q: Which branch?

C: I served active duty for 12 years in the Air Force. I wanted to become an officer, so I left active duty and came to the guard for the last year or so. But things have changed, so I’m going to stick with my forensic accounting degree and get a civilian job with my part-time guard job.

Q: Where were you stationed with the Air Force?

C: I was state-side in North Carolina (Goldsboro). I was in Japan for 4.5 years, and then I was in Korea for a year and England for a little over three years.

Q: What was your favorite place?

C: Japan!

Q: What did you like about it?

C: Everything. The culture was very friendly and happy. They respect their elders. If you (as an American) disrespected their elders, they would just flip. They were just happy. And everything was cheap (laughs). You could ski all-day for $30.

Q: How did you get to Minnesota?

C: I actually moved to Minnesota because I was at the University of Minnesota-Crookston online, and I was going to go to that school because it was small, but then I researched it more and saw it wasn’t the greatest location, so I looked into Duluth, but they didn’t have any openings in the guard, so I switched over here [MSB-Plymouth].

Q: What is your position in the guard right now?

C: I am in aviation resource management. I take care of all the fliers. I make sure all their pay is correct, their training, everything dealing with them, I handle.

Q: What made you want to get in the accounting field?

C: I took it in high school and really enjoyed it.

Q: And now you’re in the forensic program, and I can tell you really like it. What inspired that move?

C:  Well, I always wanted to be a cop, and I even tried to cross-train when I was in the Air
Force, but when I was taking my intro to business class, I was reading about different fields of accounting, and it talked about forensic accounting, and I thought that could take the cop side and accounting side and put them together.

Q: What are your future goals?

C: I still want to work in the government. Like in the Air Force, I wasn’t saving, but protecting our country, and I think I could do the same with the FBI – protect small businesses or large businesses from fraud and things like that.

Q: When you’re not in school, and not on guard duty, what do you like to do?

C: I do a lot of outdoor activities. I rock climb and ski, and I like being with people who can camp.

Q: Any advice for current students?

C: Definitely make sure you’re in a degree program that you mind working in for the next 5 to 10 years. Don’t just pick something because you need a degree, follow what sitting there looking bored and wishing you were anywhere else.

Q: What’s been the best part about your MSB experience thus far?

C: This school is awesome! The teachers are awesome, the staff is awesome! I was at one college where they just didn’t understand what we [deployed military] were going through. But here, all our teachers are [accommodating], and whenever I have an issue I can talk to anybody and they’re able to help. The classes are small and the teachers are awesome, and have background in what they’re teaching which is great. This school is pretty awesome!

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