Online Polling Gives Students Voice in I.T. Classes at Blaine

Posted by on June 5, 2012

Some students in John Daley’s Information Technology (I.T.) classes have heard an unusual request from their instructor this quarter: “Please get out your cell phones.”

Using a technique demonstrated at a convention he attended, John Daley, Blaine’s I.T. program chair, has been using online polling during some I.T. classes. This technique allows students to give feedback during class by sending text messages using their cell phones.

The polling technique can also be used in computer labs by going directly to a web site and entering the poll data.

Results of the polls update a PowerPoint slide being displayed to the class, so the results are seen by the students in near real-time. Bar graphs on multiple choice polls increase or decrease as poll results are received.

Polling is one of the techniques used for near-continuous assessment, a learning technique that helps students give the instructor feedback at any time during the class.

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