CJ Students Get Insider Perspective on Entering Law Enforcement Field

Posted by on June 4, 2012

Students in the Intro to Criminal Justice class at Minnesota School of Business – Elk River had the pleasure of learning from a guest speaker from a Buffalo Police Officer this past week.

Officer Richard Chiero spoke to the class about how he entered the law enforcement field, skills he brought from a past position and about working with citizens.

Officer Chiero said he entered the law enforcement field late in life while in his forties and didn’t take on a full-time position until almost 50 years old.

Before becoming a police officer, Officer Chiero was one of the top car salesmen in
Minnesota.  He believes that he was able to take relationship building skills he learned as a car salesman and apply them to his career as an officer now.

Chiero said law enforcement utilizes verbal judo, which is a term used to motivate people to work with you.  It is a usefull skill for many professions; however, great for police officers as they often need to convice people to do things they often don’t wish to do.

Overall, the students enjoyed Officer Chiero’s charisma, background story and insider knowledge of the industry.

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