Life without Limits

Posted by on June 1, 2012

Next week we’re launching a healthy living campaign at MSB–Lakeville. This isn’t a diet, or a single focus, it’s an all-encompassing look at our lives to make the changes that allow us to live the life we want without limits. You’ll be able to follow our progress through these blogs, better yet, by joining with us in this journey!

I’m Craig Wilson, Accounting Program Chair. I’ve personally realized that my life is beginning to be smaller because I have not lived a healthy lifestyle. I don’t want that to continue for me. I can’t make time stand still, but I can make choices that give the opportunity to live a larger life, giving me the chance to achieve my dreams.

What are my dreams? To go for walks with my dear wife Holly when we’re eighty -five, holding her hand with head held high and with a straight back; to go snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef; to carry my grandchildren on my shoulders; to take the mule ride down the Grand Canyon.  I could go on, but you get the point.

We’re not given any guarantees about our life and health, but we do make choices that impact our health either for good or ill. I want to commit to making choices for the good of my health. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I was a distance runner. I lived a conscientiously healthy lifestyle. I’m using an old newspaper photo as a unique twist on the “before and after” pictures.








My “after” picture not only shows me as I am now, but also shows my granddaughter Zoe. She’s one of the people I want to be able to keep up with and live life to the fullest together. My plan is to be able to unveil my “after-after” picture on October 1st.

Right now we have ten people committed to this sojourn. Follow us, support us – better yet, join us!!

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.