MSB and IPR Team Up for Photo Finish Records-Atlantic Records Artist New Medicine

Posted by on May 31, 2012

Minnesota School of Business (MSB) Digital Video and Media Production Students teamed up with The Institute of Production and Recording (IPR) on Thursday May 17th at the Varsity Theater in efforts to produce two videos for hometown rock heroes New Medicine. MSB students were tasked with using six cameras to document everything from the band unloading their trailer to capturing the most raw and unplanned motions of their set on stage. IPR was in charge of field audio for interviews, and a full on multi-track recording of the band’s entire set using a portable Pro Tools HD rig. The night was technically challenging, loud, and filled with ever changing lighting dynamics, but all involved prevailed. Now the real work begins with students putting their skills to the test in post production in a team effort.

New Medicine Tour Manager/FOH Engineer Bryan Mengy (IPR Alumni) dials in the band during sound check.

Ben Kryzer gets a few shots across the hazed stage during the band's final sound check with the curtains still down.

“It does not get any more real-life than this,” commented Sam Kovar MSB’s Creative Media and Communications Director in charge of producing the project. “These are the experiences our students strive for, and thrive in. Not only do they put their skills to the ultimate test, but they are simultaneously building their resumes and reels providing them a significant edge in the evermore competitive creative job market.”

Ben Kryzer (top right) gets a shot of the sing-a-long crowd while Seth Black (bottom right) focuses on frontman Jake Scherer.

Looking over Ryan Drake's camera post up on the balcony.

The final products will be released in the months ahead in coordination the band’s record label and a new single. Check out the behind-the-scenes story here:

MSB students and staff involved are as follows:

  • Sam Kovar – Creative Media and Communications Director
  • Ben Kryzer – Digital Video and Media Production Student
  • John Griese – Digital Video and Media Production Student
  • Layton Umpleby – Digital Video and Media Production Student
  • Seth Black – Digital Video and Media Production Student
  • Ryan Drake – Digital Video and Media Production Alumni

IPR students and staff involved are as follows:

  • Jay Fleming – Post-Production/Pro Tools/Live Sound Instructor
  • Justin Smith – Audio Production and Engineering Student
  • Zaneta Ogar – Sound Design for Visual Media Student

Read here for another project the two have collaborated on in the past:

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