Junior High Sci-Gals Learn from MSB Healing Hands

Posted by on May 31, 2012

Business of Massage Students Teach Reflexology

Massage Therapy students at the Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud demonstrated their skills to (and on) North Junior High Sci-Gal students on campus during MSB Gives Back Community Day.

The Sci-Gals are 6th-8th grade girls who participate in after-school programming in St. Cloud School District 742 to challenge their thinking about college and careers. They explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields of study. (STEM)

Irene Rangen’s Business of Massage students exposed them to the science–and sensation–of massage. The class planned curriculum and presented a demonstration on the benefits of massage, including reflexology, to the junior high girls and gave hands-on instruction on the sensory effects of tissue during the massage process. The best part of the lesson: each Sci-Gal received a complimentary chair massage—an entirely new experience for each of them.

A Sci-Gal Learns Hands-on the Benefits of Massage

Jason Walker was impressed with the girls and felt that they asked “pertinent and thought-provoking questions.”

Alysia Mick agreed that the students seemed excited about their experience. She also said that teaching them taught her some lessons, too. “It showed me the importance of educating people about the
benefits of massage therapy because most people don’t understand the whole concept.”

Walker added that they taught the accompanying instructors something new as well. “It was fun to work directly with both the students and their instructors,” he said.

MSB’s sixth annual community service day underscored the school’s philosophy and commitment to giving back to the community by having students take an active role in creating and implementing projects that go beyond classroom learning.

If the Sci-Gals’ parting words are any indication, the Massage Therapy students exceeded that goal. “We want to come back here again!” they chanted.

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