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Posted by on May 30, 2012


Brooklyn Center Staff and Faculty

On Friday, May 18, Minnesota School of Business – Brooklyn Center, participated in the 6th annual Globe Education Network Community Service Day. MSB-BC chose to do two events throughout the course of the day.

The first event focused on giving back to the community in a traditional way by volunteering at Champlin-Brooklyn Park Academy. Twenty-four staff and faculty members from the campus taught Junior Achievement lessons to twelve sections of first and second grade classes for two hours.  The lessons in the first grade classrooms were focused on family, and the lessons in the second grade classrooms were focused on community.  Nearly 300 students were taught in those two hours.

Kathy Chan, Registrar, said, “Teaching first graders was a great experience.  The students were enthusiastic and excited to learn and participate.”

Andrew Kagol, Associate Director of Career Services, said, “Junior Achievement provides a great curriculum that is engaging as well as educational.  They make complex concepts fun and easy to learn.”

Hilary Dahlman and Brent Schauer teaching


Michael Leonard and Aldina Korman teaching


Rob Harder and John Liebrenz teaching


Michael Zdychnec and Kathy Chan teaching

The second event connected to a larger nationwide “WeSERVE” challenge issued by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). The MSB-BC campus invited community members to attend free classes provided by faculty, staff, and students. While the campus was ready to welcome anyone from the public to attend, the targeted audience was members from the Earle Brown Senior Terrace. Residents rode over in a school bus and upon arriving were escorted up to the student lounge to enjoy lunch and mingle with the members from the campus.

Michael Zdychnec, Health Care Program Chair, began the afternoon program with a keynote presentation about health care and how it affects the older generation. The visitors from Earle Brown were engaged and had several comments and questions for Zdychnec when he was finished. Following the keynote, residents had the opportunity to attend two breakout sessions of their choice; they chose from Music Appreciation, Self-Massage, Identity Theft, Art, and Communication across Generations. The sessions were taught by faculty members from the campus and were all well attended. The afternoon ended with a rousing session of bingo.

Even though only twelve residents were able to make it over for the two hour event, faculty and staff really felt like they made a difference.

Ryan Samuelson, Criminal Justice Program Chair, presented on Identity Theft and said, “I thought I was teaching the residents about identity theft, but I ended up learning much more than I expected from them.  It was a humbling experience to learn about all that their generation has persevered through.  My generation rarely gets the opportunity to thank those that have made our country what it is today, and I am grateful for getting the opportunity to do so.”

Hilary Dahlman, Dean of Students, said, “I found the afternoon to be very valuable.  Working with the Earle Brown residents was a nice change of pace from our day-to-day activities.  The residents have a lot of life and vivacity!”

The residents sent a thank-you card to the campus: “We had a marvelous time at your open house on Friday, May 18.  You were so kind and accommodating.  Lunch was fabulous, and the breakout sessions were so interesting.  You knew the way to our hearts by playing bingo.  We learned about your school and the pride and dedication in what you do and teach.  We loved the bingo prizes, and on Thursday, May 24, we all wore our Minnesota School of Business t-shirts!  Thank you for taking time out of your lives to spend it with us.”

Residents enjoyed delicious sandwiches from Jimmy John’s

Residents mingling with staff members while waiting for the self-massage session to begin

Residents and staff members spent time painting bird houses, picture frames, and small keepsake boxes.

Residents concentrated on winning the next bingo prize!

The staff and faculty thoroughly enjoyed both activities and the span of ages of those that they worked with.  It truly was a memorable day!

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.