Choosing the right IT Career

Posted by on May 30, 2012

If you are well on your way to graduation or just starting your courses in IT, now is the best time to start exploring different IT career fields and consider your options and your preferences! Are you interested in Database Development or Administration or are you more inclined toward a Web Development career? Do you enjoy working on Programming  assignments or are you more interested in Operating Systems or Hardware? Is a Network Engineer position for you? As you progress through school and complete more and more courses you will probably discover the answers to these questions, but it could be a good idea to do some research into employment trends in your field of interest, salary information and regional prospects too.


  • You could start by exploring current figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupation Profiles – Computer and Mathematical, Occupational Employment Statistics or 2010-2020 Trends.
  • – maintains employment trend data that tracks the number of job postings in various industries on a month by month basis (and allows you to compare those trends with data previous months: You can then click on a specific industry (i.e., Information Technology) and see some more detailed data. The number of “clicks” on those job postings is a measure of the activity the site is seeing from job searchers.
  • Another good place to do some research is – Technology Jobs; you can then look at the numbers (job posts) by Skill or Job Title, by Company, Location or by Employment Type.


Whether this is your first career or you are considering a mid-career change, an Internship might be the best way to experiment with an IT area! Our IT299 IT Internship course is available to students who have completed 40 or more required core credits in the IT program and provides for the application of your knowledge and skills in an actual IT setting. You would be able to integrate and apply IT theory and practical skills in an IT business context as you perform IT tasks such as planning, administering, supporting or providing customer support for information services or technology services. Check with your Academic Coordinator if you’re interested in starting an internship!

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