How Will You Celebrate Memorial Day?

Posted by on May 25, 2012

Thousands of Minnesotans will jam pack their vehicles this weekend with kids, dogs, tents, food, clothes and water toys among several other things and will tow campers or boats -some will even tow a camper with a boat trailing behind.

Most will head North-bound, where lakes and campgrounds are plentiful–a few will head East to Wisconsin soil. They will have great food, laughter will be heard and memories will be made.  But will they remember why it’s a long weekend and what they are supposed to be celebrating?

Memorial Day is known to most as the kick-off of summer.  It’s purpose is usually confused with Veteran’s Day – which is a day to honor ALL service-members who have fought tireless hours to sustain America’s freedom.

In 1971, Congress designed the last Monday in May as a national holiday to remember and honor veterans who died serving our country. The day originated from the end of the Civil War, in which more American soldiers died than in any other war before–and since!

So, whether you are staying at home on this Memorial Day or packing your family up to kick off summertime, take a moment to reflect on those who died serving our country and fighting for your freedom.  As we know, freedom really isn’t free at all.

Have a Safe and Happy Memorial Day!

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