CJ Students Survey Canterbury Park for Large Event Security

Posted by on May 24, 2012

CJ 220 Students and Instructor, Craig Robson, visit Canterbury Park for their Emergency Evacuation Plan Service & Applied Learning project

When you think of Canterbury Park, in Shakopee, MN, you think of horse racing. This time CJ 220 students, and their instructor, Shakopee Police Captain Craig Robson, looked at the venue with a more critical eye.

The shell of the bandstand is prepped and waiting to assemble.

Soundset 2012, a hip-hop concert featuring over 30 musical acts, will bring approximately 20,000 fans to the outside grounds over Memorial weekend. Independent concert promoter, Rose Presents, has to meet with Special Events Coordinator Mary Pat Munson and local police to work out details. With a group that large, event security and emergency evacuation plans need to be organized. This class is using their observations of the outdoor facilities to help prepare  the emergency evacuation plan, using the required state, local and federal  law enforcement Incident Command System form for their service and applied learning project.

Soundset 2012, HipHop Festival at Canterbury Park

Students must consider size of crowd, weather, alcohol and drug usage, and structures when planning for evacuation. It there is severe weather, the plan has the crowd walking approximately a quarter mile across the parking lot to the stairwells inside Canterbury Parks grandstand. Says Craig Robson, “Stairwells are good sheltering locations as are below ground level spaces. Avoid windows due to flying glass shrapnel which can cause serious injuries.”

The VIP and beverage selling tents wait to be used.

Six CJ 220 students will also be directing the parking of vehicles that day, as well as making security observations regarding the event. With a group that large it is imperative that all security details are considered and planned for. The hope, of course, is that the plans won’t need to be used.

Shakopee Police Captain, Craig Robson and students and Mike Huckabone, survey the concert venue.



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