Business Program Advisory Committee Discusses Necessary Skills for Graduate Success

Posted by on May 22, 2012

David Erickson, MSB Blaine campus Business Program Chair

The Minnesota School of Business, Blaine campus Business Program hosted its annual Program Advisory Committee (PAC) breakout session on Tuesday evening, May 15 at the Blaine Campus.  Outside business advisers this year included Joe Hesch, CEO/Owner of LED Business Development, a local business development firm;  Carl Nyberg, V.P., C.O.O. and co-owner of HOM Furniture, Inc.; Terry Jordan, Principal-Owner of JP Staffing LLC., and Rachel Painter, Recruiting Specialist for JP Staffing.

“We had a great, two-hour discussion on the future role of career education graduates in our economy and business sectors, in particular,” said David Erickson, Business Program Chair.  “Since we last met in 2011, while our enrollment has declined slightly, mostly due to increased graduates from our program and a slowly improving jobs climate, we have actually increased our share of the school’s overall enrollment from 24 to 26 percent, while keeping our student-to-faculty ratio at our 12-1 goal,” he added.

The PAC members agreed in general that the pool of qualified job applicants is greatly
shrinking, both in terms of the technical, and analytical “hard skills” needed, as well as the professionalism and communications “soft skills” required for graduates to become successful in today’s and tomorrow’s business economy.  All of the recommendations of the group will be consolidated and forwarded on to the administration as part of the ongoing academic delivery and college improvement process.


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