Community Day Success

Posted by on May 21, 2012

MSB staff and faculty learning how to do the storm drain stenciling.

The Lakeville Campus of Minnesota School of Business had a great day of caring for the community on May 18th. We partnered with Friends of the Mississippi River to perform some stenciling on the storm drains.

The Friends of the Mississippi River is involved within the community in many ways. They work with land conservation, river corridor land use, and watershed protection.

One of the teams posing with their supplies for the street painting.

A little fun fact is that a majority of the drinking water in St. Paul comes from the Mississippi River.

The project of stenciling on the storm drains is to raise awareness of what goes down the drain will end up in the river. We also hung door hangers on the neighborhood houses of St. Paul to inform them of what we had done and what impact they have on the environment.

One team stenciling the roadside next to a drain both in English and Spanish.

Our group contained staff and faculty from the campus. We had a really good time doing this project. “I am really glad we got to do this,” stated Kira Gallagher, Dean of Faculty. “I liked they went through the reasons why we are doing this.” The Friends of the Mississippi River informed us of the reasons for this project. They showed us different jars full of water that contained many products that end up in the river through storm drains.

To learn more about Friends of the Mississippi River, go to their website:

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