Marketing Class Takes a Trip to Target

Posted by on May 17, 2012

The Marketing students took a trip to Super Target in Lakeville to expand their knowledge beyond the classroom. Field trips are a great way to seek more information than any text book can provide. Real world knowledge coming from the industries that utilize the skills. Read below to see what the students had to say.

Ryan – During our field trip to target on Monday we learned a lot about where and how they place products.  For example at the end of each aisle they will place products that are hot sellers at the time or maybe clearance and sale items.

We also learned about how they try to keep long-term relationships with customers by offering their red card, which offers these customers 5% off all purchases.

One section in the store that goes through a lot of change is the seasonal section. They gave us an idea of what gets put out there on the floor.

Overall, the trip gave us a good idea of how important price, product, place, and promotion are. Also, how important it is for target to keep long lasting relationships with customers.


Angela – The marketing strategy at Target was a lot different than I thought it would be. Some things that surprised me the most is how much of an impact Target’s corporate had in control of their marketing. I thought that what was on display the leaders at the certain Target would choose the displays not corporate telling them how to display it and the pricing on the items as well. The only thing that didn’t really surprise me is their main Target market was the household mom. Overall it was a fun and educational experience.


Darren – Target is a company that is well branded. This severe them well when up against competitor like Wal-Mart. Target is a bit more “upscale” then Wal-Mart and Kmart but they have a core of very loyal customers.

Target is willing to try certain marketing ideas. A great example of this is the “shopper” campaign that we learned about. They are capturing the “boutique” market which will probably do well since targets, Target market is the working mom.

The Target Club card is also a great Marketing idea. Through this program Target is building relationships with their consumers. Target is an interesting company to study. Target is emerging as responsible retail giant in a retail market that is typically brought with corporate deception and ill practices.


Maryline – The field trip to Target was a great idea and a perfect timing for the class to go there to get more insight on marketing. As the class working on a marketing plan for a class project it was great to actually to go a well-established company to see marketing in effect. The store manager that was giving us the tour explained very well on how marketing work in the real world.

A person or group can have a great idea and even money to make it happen but
without marketing planning a great idea is useless all most. Marketing doesn’t
just deal with Ads but actually find what is needed, provide best way possible,
and find a way to sustain it. By going there gives me personally more insight
what is needed to do our class project.


Sara – The field trip to Target on Monday May 7 was very informational and very interesting. I was excited to learn about the different ways Target markets their company. The one thing that stood out to me the most during the tour was the fact that Target markets more towards the mother in the family and that most of their sales come from their food (at least at the Super Target stores). I also found it extremely interesting that the prices can vary from store to store based on whether their competition is nearby or not. I know the Target store in Owatonna where I live is very close to the Wal-Mart so their prices need to reflect that competition nearby. Allison mentioned in the tour that Target is not within 5 miles of any competitor at this moment but Wal-Mart is being built close by so they may need to change their pricing strategy due to the fact that that competitor will be so close. I also like the RedCard idea. I don’t have a RedCard but I know of people who do and it really is a good thing to have if you are a frequent shopper to the Target store
because it’s basically giving you that 5% free money every time you use the card. Overall, this was a very informative and interesting field trip.


Nicholas – I would have to say that the first thing I learned about Target is their biggest market is for moms. Moms are their biggest customer. I was unaware that they could shop online if they wanted to. I thought it was interesting how they cover their inventory. I
guess everything else I knew. I thought it was interesting to know that Target just starting using Target RedCard for discount cards.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.