Posted by on May 16, 2012

Architectural Drafting and Design Roof Truss

AutoCAD 2012 Roof Truss w/Energy Heel

Field trips rock or in this case splinter! The Woodbury Architectural Drafting and Design students are exploring residential construction material and processes through an interactive web-based software, classroom lecture and a recent field trip.

Villaume Industries is a Twin Cities leader for well over 100 years and has once again graciously opened their doors and allowed us the opportunity to tour the manufacturing facility.   The tour started in the engineering office where students experienced the software used to calculate components, code and load requirements for custom roof and floor truss projects.  Upon the completion of the shop drawings, the tour continued to the factory floor where technology is used to reduce waste and increase the speed and accuracy in which trusses are manufactured.  It was exciting to hear that production has increased significantly over the past year which is a sign of an upturn in the residential construction economy.

Roof and floor trusses have significant advantages over roof rafters and floor joist.  Trusses are more cost-effective, quicker to install, span greater distances are can support greater loads.  Environmentally speaking, trusses have additional advantages to large dimensional lumber as well.

The image illustrates the anatomy, physics and basic mathematical concepts behind a Pratt Roof Truss.

Architectural student throughout the 6 quarter program continually increase their understanding of building materials and process which are essential for accurate drawings and efficient construction.  More tours are being schedule and if you’re interested in joining us, please contact John Hartman, Globe University, Woodbury campus room 228.

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