MSB Senior Nursing Students to be Published in Nursing Journal

Posted by on May 16, 2012

MSB senior nursing students Molly MacLean and Katie Theisen were invited to write about nursing salons for an article in the upcoming August 2012 issue of Creative Nursing: A Journal of Values, Issues, Experience & Collaboration.  Molly and Katie attended their first nursing salon as part of a class assignment, but have been attending regularly for the past year.  At one of the salons, the journal editor was impressed with them and invited them to submit an article on salons from a nursing student perspective.

Here’s an excerpt…

At a Nursing Salon, the format is always the same but the conversation is always different. Dinner is served. Then everyone introduces themselves and answers the question, “What is on your mind about nursing tonight?”

Once everyone has responded, dessert is served and the group can begin discussing a few of the topics brought up. Sometimes the topics are personal; sometimes the topics are large and broad, but the conversation always stays in the room. The sense of confidentiality at the Nursing Salons makes me feel comfortable to say what I really feel, to be myself and to feel the authenticity of the whole group. The conversations are honest, exciting, motivating, and experiential. No matter the topic, the time spent at a Nursing Salon is always valuable to me.  Nursing Salons have given me clarity about school, life, priorities, and my future.

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