Medical Assisting Students Visit Fairview Lab

Posted by on May 11, 2012

Sitting in a classroom and learning material is going to get students through college. Getting students into the field to learn is going to get students into their careers. Medical Assisting students from Minnesota School of Business Lakeville did just that. They visited the Edina Fairview Hospital and toured the laboratory. Instead of hearing about it from me, just read what the students had to say about it.

Ryan – Our class trip to Edina Fairview Hospital was a great experience to be able to see the work of professionals being performed on such a grand scale. We were able to view the laboratory where blood and other specimens are sent for: classification, testing, sampling and diagnosing conditions. I had taken Microbiology my fall quarter and hematology my winter quarter, so it was still fresh and new to my mind; that was my first introduction to the testing equipment, and it was great to be able to revisit that scene and see such a professionally designed ergonomic laboratory. Proficiency was the name of the
game in that department, the layout of the equipment was well designed and much more complex than the ones we used at school, I was even introduced to some new testing equipment that I had never heard of ex: the machine to test asepsis in the blood, to diagnose toxicity, was something new. The amount of samples they receive from nearby clinics and hospitals, is quite astounding, and makes you realize the possible setting you may be able to help with.

Amanda – Upon going to Southdale Hospital in Edina, I was unsure of what to expect on the field trip. When I found out we were going into a laboratory to get a general idea of what it would be like to work in one, I became a little more excited. The laboratory was smaller than I imagined it to be; however, the information that we received upon going there was interesting. It was interesting to see all the types of machines and reinforcing to know that all the machines had a backup machine just in case it was to go out. My favorite part of the trip was going into the blood bank and seeing how it was set up and ran. Knowing me, I may not be able to have my whole job be in a lab, because I am more patient-oriented, but it was interesting to see how the machines work versus just learning about them in class. Overall, I thought the field trip to be very informative and eye-opening.

Lauren – When we went to the Urgent Care Laboratory facilities, I learned that not only would this be a stressful job, but also a fulfilling one as well. These technicians not only help the doctors, but help the patients ultimately, and that seems like one of the most rewarding, for a “behind-the-scenes” job. It was interesting to see all of the machines, and the fact that they all do different things. One might think there is just this giant machine that can do everything (or at least that’s what I thought years ago). This was a fun field trip to take, and also very educational for those of us who have never been able to see something like that before in a hospital setting.

Andrea – Visiting the lab at hospital was a really good experience for me.  I am taught
about lab and how and what to do in lab techniques, so actually seeing how things are done in a lab and how you need to watch the temps on every refrigerator or they will set off alarms was interesting to me.  Another thing I thought was really cool is how they had vacuum tubes all over the hospital like they would have at the bank which would help save time.  I also got to see plasma and learn a little more about blood.  I think it was a great experience.

Meg – This field trip was very interesting. It was neat to see all the different machines and technologies they use. I find it pretty amazing how many different test and diagnostics they can do with just one vile of blood.  I also had no idea what plasma really looked like.  I just recently had my own blood taken for my annual exam and I was surprised to see what all they did with it.  Even though I am going for behind the desk work, I am glad I learned
the inside of the lab work.

Samantha – The field trip we took on Monday was very interesting. I have never seen so much blood.  It was nice to see all the machine and to get a feel for what it was like in a real lab.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.