Accounting Students Educate Staff On The Time Value Of Money

Posted by on May 9, 2012


Intermediate Accounting students Jen Hoy and Jack Paulson present on the value of money over time as an applied learning project.

When students in ‘Intermediate Accounting’ showed up for class, they were expecting to learn new concepts from the instructor. But when they arrived, instructor Stacey Tronson turned the tables on them, surprising the students with the task of putting together a presentation on the time and value of money. Students Jeny Hoy and Jack Paulson were given one hour to develop the presentation on the concepts they learned dealing with personal finances as an applied learning project.

Tronson had already given staff and faculty on campus notice and several arrived just as the students quickly put together their final power point slides. With no rehearsal or extra prep time, it was time to go.

Both Hoy and Paulson calmly explained the importance of saving early for retirement and differences in interest rates on home mortgages. The ten minute presentation also featured examples on how much interest adds up over time.

“The goal was to challenge the students to deliver a presentation under deadlines,” Tronson said. “They performed very well despite the shortage of time.”

Projects like this prepares Minnesota School of Business students for real-life situations in the workplace.


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