What Does Your Aura Look Like?

Posted by on May 1, 2012

The Introduction to Thai/Energy class had a unqiue guest speaker this week, Bobby Sullivan, an energy worker who specializes in auras, ghost hunting and past life regressions.

The main purpose of Sullivan’s visit was to introduce the students to auras and to take a picture of their aura with a special camera.

Energy Worker Bobby Sullivan

Many of you are probably wondering, what in the world is an aura?  According to Sullivan’s website, an aura is a dynamic energy field that shows up in different colors and is a reflection of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy. It can represent our thoughts, moods, aspirations and well being. It is unique in each person.

So how do you see your aura? You can’t “see” it; however, you can have an aura specialist use an aura camera to capture it.

Sullivan says the aura camera is a special device that was invented to help people see the different types of energy that surrounds their bodies. The camera works by the user placing their hands on sensor hand plates, the system then reads the frequency of the users energy and images it into a polaroid picture. Based on the color, clarity, position and amount of color, it is possible to get a read on the users mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy at the time of the photo.

Sullivan took a picture of each student in class and spent some time interpreting their

Sullivan Taking Aura Picture

individual auras.  He also gave them a handout on what the colors mean.

The students learn how to sense their energy during the first three weeks of class and have been practicing self-care for a while. Energy is in everything around us; humans, plants, animals, technology…

As a massage therapist, it is really important to remember that we have the
ability to help or hurt our clients, and by being contentious of our own
thoughts while working with another body, we become better at what we do.

Before and After Therapy Shots of Josh

For a class experiment on how massage can change a person’s energy, class instructor Celina McKenize, performed craniosacral therapy on Joshua Tiemens, a
Minnesota School of Business massage therapy student. After the energy work,
Bobby retook his photo, Joshua and the rest of the class were simply amazed at
the difference in Joshua’s energy. The photo was much more vibrant and has
taught the students the value of this type of work.

If you are interested in learning more about Bobby Sullivan and energy work, visit his website at www.bobbyosullivan.com

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.