Working Together to Bring History Alive

Posted by on April 30, 2012

Staff and students getting their assignments for the day.

In Farmington, Minnesota, there is a small village. It is the Dakota City Heritage Village of the Dakota County Fairgrounds. It houses many buildings of history from the local surrounding Dakota County areas. These buildings include a bank, a home, general store, drug store, and many more. There are 22 buildings that make up the entire village.

Service Learning Coordinator, Joel Bisser, is locking his students up in the historic jail building.

Students and staff from Minnesota School of Business Lakeville helped them prepare for another year of action. They volunteered 3 hours of their time to open the doors on each building and kick the dust out. The buildings have been closed up since their Christmas in the Village event. These buildings are very historic and tend to collect a lot of dust in the off season. They are also a nice shelter for mice in the winter season.

The entire group hanging out in front of the old General Store.

The students were part of the Global Citizenship course. Global Citizenship is a course that teaches students their role in the global society. Volunteering is a critical part of today’s society. “I am interested in coming back out for the different events throughout the year,” states a Global Citizenship student after this experience.

“We are in need of the younger generation’s help. Us old timers are not going to be able to take care of this place forever,” states an older volunteer at the village.

If you would like to help out at the Dakota City Heritage Village, check out their website Dakota City Volunteer, and help keep history alive.


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