Vet Tech Students Make Tails Wag and Pet Owners Happy

Posted by on April 27, 2012

Dogs are treated to nail trims while their owners observe at local

A veterinary technology class at Minnesota School of Business in Elk River takes the classroom on the road to Ramsey to participate in the American Cancer Society’s Bark for Life event.

At the event, students got a chance to practice nail trims and holding methods on dogs of every size. While their pooches were getting pampered, pet owners took notes of the students’ techniques and the students verbally walked them through how to properly cut their dog’s nails at home.

“The students were busy throughout the entire event,” said event chair, Kim Gust.

Not only were the students busy polishing their nail trimming skills, they also kept busy educating pet owners on dental hygiene and answering pet health-related questions.

“I received more experience trimming nails and, more importantly, got experience trimming nails of dogs with their owners right there observing,” said student Eva Heifort.

Heifort explained that dealing with clients is an important part of being a vet tech; however, learning how to deal with clients isn’t something that can be recreated in the classroom.

“That’s exactly why our organization embraces service and applied learning,” said service learning coordinator Nicole Rasmussen.  “We can’t teach everything in a classroom setting—some things you just learn by doing.”

Gust said she’s hopeful that the vet tech students can participate in the event again next year.

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