Tis the season for Career Fairs

Posted by on April 24, 2012

There are several career fairs coming up the next couple of weeks around the metro area. Here is a website that advertises some of the upcoming career fairs around the metro
area: Postively Minnesota

The Woodbury, Richfield, and Lakeville campuses are all hosting career events this May as well. Contact your Director of Career Services for more information.

Many students cringe when I talk about career fairs, and being a natural introvert, I can relate. BUT, it’s important to overcome the initial uncomfortable thought of going to career fairs. Your job and your future employed self will thank you.

So how does one prepare for a career fair and get over this fear?

One Word: Preparation

It’s important to prep yourself for a career fair in two main areas. The first thing to do is prepare your elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is your 30 second tag line. In 30 seconds you need to be able to answer the Who, What and Why about you; Who you are, What you are looking for and Why you would be a good fit for that position. Many people are uncomfortable at first with their elevator speech. Ask your career services team for help with your elevator pitch or search online for ideas. Remember to keep it simple, and
practice it before you go.

The Second thing that you will want to prepare is your resume. Make sure your resume is clear, current, and error free.  Make sure to print several copies of your resume to take with you. If you have any other questions about your resume, or would like assistance, please contact your Career Services Team.

Other tips for career fair attendees are to: dress professionally, bring a friend who is also job seeking,  and remember to smile.  By preparing a solid elevator pitch and resume, you can confidently walk into your next career fair, and who knows it might even be your last.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.