Reminders from the Online Division Student Accounts Department

Posted by on April 23, 2012

Welcome to Week 4 Financial Aid and Student Accounts Departments!  This week, we want to be sure that you are aware that your next account payment is due May 1st.  Your billing statement for May was sent to you on April 12th.  If you did not receive your Minnesota School of Business statement or you feel that there was an error, you may review the student portal or contact us at any time.  Be sure to make your payments on time so that you avoid a $25 late payment fee.  Late fees will be charged to any account that is not current on May 8th.  Students with past due payments may be restricted from registering for Early Fall Quarter.

The Student Accounts staff at Minnesota School of Business encourages you to make timely payments so that you have consistent access to your classes.  Students that are behind on their Winter Quarter or April payments may currently be blocked from classes.  If this applies to you, you were notified on Thursday, April 19th.

As always, you can make payments via Campus Connect (links below) or by contacting Student Accounts directly at the number identified below.

The following are the steps to making payment online in Campus Connect:

  1. Log in to your Campus Connect account
  2. Select “My Account”
  3. Click green “Connect” icon
  4. Select “My Account” on left side of screen
  5. Select “Make payment online”
    1. follow the prompts to add in your payment method
    2. select the proper enrollment and payment amount
    3. make payment
    4. once complete you will receive a confirmation that the payment was completed

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact your Financial Aid Administrator/Student Accounts toll free at (877)609-8889.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.